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Reasonable way and operation of removal of UV glue

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The way of removing UV glue after solidification has been mentioned and discussed by users. The main reason is that the removal of UV glue with high strength after solidification is ineffective in common way. If you want to have better bonding effect, you should operate the UV glue dispenser correctly to control the amount of glue, and reduce the residual glue blockage that may adhere to the UV glue syringe, so as to avoid affecting the quality, light transmission curtain spot glue or touch screen glue bonding. It is also based on the need of controlling UV glue.
Instant dry UV glue
Brief introduction of general removal methods
Ultraviolet adhesives will soften to peel easily after heating, so the common heating of electric soldering iron is carried out. According to this characteristic, if the position of spot glue is not right, this method of removing curing adhesives can be used. This method is relatively simple but has certain requirements, that is, it can not affect the basic properties and value of products, especially the adhesion of light-transmitting materials such as light curtain and touch screen. Not necessarily can be removed by heating. In order to ensure the safety of light curtain dispensing or collecting touch screen bonding, alcohol can be used to reduce the bonding strength in order to remove UV glue. Or scrape away a bit with something similar to a blade only requires attention control. The colloids stored in the UV glue syringe can reduce the viscosity. Of course, in order to avoid bad dispensing, the UV glue dispensing machine or the concentration of colloids should be added. Line adjustment.
Black and amber dispensing syringes
Factors Influencing UV Curing
Ultraviolet irradiation lamp is an auxiliary device installed in the UV dispensing machine. When the dotted UV adhesive is irradiated by ultraviolet light, it will accelerate the curing rate. It is mainly suitable for the application of transparent materials such as light curtain dispensing or touch screen bonding. The removal of solidified UV glue on the working platform of the UV dispensing machine can be removed by alcohol. If the coating time is short, it can be directly erased by cloth, while the UV glue syringe needs to be stored at this time. UV glue is applied to the bonding or sealing place, while the needle barrel of black or amber color can reduce the degree of ultraviolet light and avoid rapid curing. At this time, the removal frequency of UV glue is controlled, and the curing factors of UV glue are reduced. It is more effective for the application of translucent curtain dispensing and mobile touch screen bonding and strengthening.
Desktop UV dispensing machine
In addition to solvent dissolution or physical operation, the removal of UV adhesives should avoid affecting the normal properties of applications such as touch screen bonding or light curtain dispensing.

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