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Enhance the efficiency of dispensing packages with automatic

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Packaging boxes used for decoration need the application assistance of automatic dispensing equipment. Selecting a fully automatic system-controlled hot melt dispensing machine can control quantitatively the dispensing of packaging boxes. According to the softening point of hot melt glue, the dispensing machine with full automatic operation is relatively simple, convenient and efficient in application. Special hot melt valve can be treated at high temperature until the softening point of hot melt adhesive. Gift box, mobile phone box and other types of automatic hot melt dispensing machine have efficiency and quality assurance. Therefore, the demand for application in PVC pipe coating or color box industries is also high.
Fluid Adhesive Coated on Packaging Box
The effect of gluing with automatic equipment is good.
Many types of packaging boxes generally use hot melt glue to control the amount of glue at the four sides of the box. The strength of glue bonding with hot melt glue with a certain temperature is better for quality assurance. The automatic hot melt glue dispenser has high precision and small error in gluing the edge of the packaging box. The automatic control mode of hot melt glue dispenser has a high degree of consistency in gluing the packaging box. The hot melt valve controls the quality of the fluid glue properly. When adjusting the hot melt valve, the user needs to know the softening point of the hot melt glue, then heat the glue, and feed into the hot melt glue valve.
Waterborne Hot Melt Adhesive
Suitable for batch production of glue-coated packaging boxes
Most gift boxes are controlled by hot melt glue and then glued to the bonding surface. Therefore, the automatic mode can finish gluing in batches of multiple boxes one-way, automatically equipped with hot melt glue valves to control the solid glue to the suitable softening point of hot melt glue. The uniform colloid temperature does not affect the appearance of the box. The correct use of hot melt glue involves many technical details. In order to ensure the applicability of finished products of packaging boxes, it is suggested to test whether the hot melt valve is suitable for automatic batch gluing before changing the conditions or requirements of the gluing of packaging boxes. The application of hot melt glue for PVC pipe gluing or color box gluing should also pay attention to this point.
Single-end automatic hot melt dispenser
The advantages of accuracy and efficiency of hot melt dispenser have become the recommended equipment for packaging box coating. Compared with other equipments, it has higher advantages in automatic accuracy and stability, so it is also applied in other industries with outstanding effect, such as PVC pipe coating or color box coating.

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