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Knowing the softening point of hot melt adhesive is convenie

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The hot melt glue softening point is related to the hot melt glue softening point. The hot melt glue dispenser can precisely control the quality of the glue and the coating area mainly depending on the hot melt glue valve, which can stably control the softening point and the heat of the solid state. When the melt is heated to the softening point, it will become a bondable fluid. Therefore, in the industries requiring viscose sealing, such as PVC pipe coating or packaging box sealing, more attention should be paid to the colloid configuration and the adjustment of the softening point of hot melt adhesive, which is suitable for the actual situation.
Solid Hot Melt Adhesive Bar
The influence of softening point on product viscose
When the hot melt adhesive is completely solid, it is heated to the semi-solidified state which can be deformed and bonded by a certain way. At this time, the semi-solidified adhesive has a certain viscosity and is easy to wire drawing. The semi-solidified hot melt adhesive in this state can not be used for product sealing and coating applications. The heating core built in the hot melt valve can be processed to the bondable fluid state, if the temperature does not exceed when adjusting. Softening point may lead to blockage of rubber valves or problems such as uneven glue coating, breakage and leakage, which are not conducive to the quality of adhesive coating. Therefore, it is helpful to understand the effect of controlling the softening point of hot melt glue in high-speed glue dispensing, especially in full-automatic hot melt dispensing machine. In order to ensure the application of PVC pipe coating, which is often required, it is more obvious to apply hot melt glue dispensing machine. The influence of softening point should be dealt with again in the industry of glue and packaging box sealing.
Dual-station hot melt dispenser
Recommendation of Temperature Amplitude for Heating
Solid hot melt adhesives generally give the relevant softening point temperature, which can be adjusted only by adjusting the heating temperature coefficient on the hot melt dispenser. The heating temperature should be between 5-25 degrees Celsius of the softening point. If the built-in temperature of the hot melt adhesives valve is too high, the colloid will turn yellow or even carbonize, which will affect the effect of the application industries such as PVC pipe coating or packaging box sealing. It is suggested that the heating temperature should be adjusted to the state suitable for the softening point of hot melt adhesives so as to be used in practical applications such as product sealing and coating.
Fluid Water-borne Hot Melt Adhesive
The softening point of solid rod-like hot melt adhesives is about 80 C, which is only the starting temperature of melting rather than the temperature of bonding. It is necessary to adjust the heating core of the hot melt valve to 130 C-180 C to melt and bond effectively.

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