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Rapid mastery of the coating efficiency of PCB board is rela

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Printed circuit board is also known as PCB board, which is a combination plate that carries the components and applications. At present, the dispensing assistance of high-speed automatic equipment is needed in the application of PCB board gluing. Therefore, this automatic red gluing machine will be responsible for the complete role of gluing in the bonding link of PCB board, similar to the link of SMT paste red glue, that is, based on the same precision control. It is named for its effect. The automatic red glue dispensing machine can be used stably for a long time in batch execution of PCB board gluing and other application links.
Uniform Coating of PCB Plate
Auxiliary function of automatic dispensing equipment
PCB boards refer to multi-layer circuit boards in electrical products. It is necessary to coat and reinforce bonding materials with red glue on single or double PCB boards with precise alignment function and interconnect them according to the design requirements. Red glue dispenser is selected mainly because of its outstanding functions of intelligence, full automation, high speed and stability, so as to set up a program to coat bonded red glue onto the surface of the board and select automatic points. The advantage of glue equipment is that the direction of contact force is uniform and stable when the PCB board is glued, so that the amount of red glue coated can evenly cover the surface of the PCB board. It has the function of finished products with good bonding quality and strong line conduction. It is also suitable for high-precision SMT patch reinforcement applications. It is necessary to pay attention to the control of the properties of red glue and the influence of common problems of red glue coating.
SMT Patch Processing Coating
Selection of Adhesive Types
The application effect of red glue dispensing machine operated by fully automatic system can be shown from the coating effect of finished PCB board. In the coating process, the special red glue can be completely covered on the bonding plate by the path parameters set by the control board. Three anti-paint or special red glue are usually selected for coating and strengthening. The auxiliary tools under the PCB board components play a better role than SMT patches. The coating requirement is similar. It can also play a shock-proof effect when bonded to a firm state with dot red glue. The thickness of the coating is about 0.01 mm-0.02 mm and catalyzed by appropriate curing method. When using, we should pay attention to the common problems of red glue and adjust them to avoid being affected.
Red glue dispensing machine platform
In view of the present application scope, the main application adhesives for PCB board coating are red glue, solder, hot melt glue and other adhesives. Red glue dispenser strengthens quality control with full automatic and high-speed control effect. When applying, attention should be paid to the influence of common problems of red glue coating and corresponding measures should be taken.

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