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Adjust AB glue to finish thermal shrinkage coating and selec

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Thermal shrinkage sheet is a kind of handicraft product with similar quality and plastic shape. It has strong and stable bonding effect after adjusting the proportion of AB glue. It is recommended to use this kind of mixed colloid for thermal shrinkage sheet coating. In order to make the quality of thermal shrinkage sheet coating meet the requirement of high-speed dispensing machine to control the effect of AB glue coating, AB automatic dispensing machine supporting mixed glue can be used for pairs. This special automatic high-speed dispensing machine can be used in applications such as thermal shrinkage or waterproof film coating.
Heat shrinkage pattern coating
Choose an automatic equipment that can adjust AB glue
The type of thermal shrinkage sheet in manufacturing is small decoration, which can be used as hanging or decoration by hooking mobile phone. Therefore, it is suggested to use automatic equipment to assist the production of thermal shrinkage sheet coating for simple structure and batch production. The mixing valve loaded by AB automatic dispensing machine has a good precision control over the proportion of AB glue, and can freely combine various proportion viscosities for moderate and full gluing strength. Homogeneous coating, therefore, can also be used in high-speed and stable industry production such as waterproof film coating. Operators need to adjust the dispenser parameters and observe the complete curing time of AB glue to avoid affecting the finished product. Thermal shrinkage sheets can customize any desired pattern or shape. After coating with colored AB glue, they can be heated and dried. After blowing, the darker color of AB glue does not need to be coated too dark. And pay attention not to dirty the surface of the sheet.
AB glue coated on thermal shrinkage sheet
To meet the needs of batch manufacturing
AB glue for the coating part of thermal shrinkage sheet is the part of grinding. Transparent AB glue or other types of glue can be used for surface auxiliary coloring coating. The production requirements of mass production line of thermal shrinkage sheet are not high. AB automatic dispensing machine belongs to a special type of high-speed dispensing equipment. It is suitable for the application production with low demand and high consistency. It is completely controlled by AB glue. By adjusting the curing time and the proportion of AB glue, a variety of high-quality, high-speed and stable coating applications can be continuously completed, which makes the finished products of thermal shrinkage film have corresponding value.
Standard version 331AB glue dispenser
Waterproof film coating can also be operated by this high-speed automatic dispensing machine suitable for AB glue. Waterproof film needs to be coated with more glue and high viscosity AB glue. Therefore, special dispensing equipment should be selected in the manufacturing links of waterproof film and thermal shrinkage film coating.

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