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Provide information on the difference between red gum and so

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We mentioned the application range and temperature range of red glue before. This time, we will make a simple information summary about the difference and function between red glue and solder paste when applied to SMT patch and PCB board. It is well known that red glue is a general adhesive fluid, and solder paste can also be applied to the circuit responsible for welding and conducting effect, both of which are equally suitable for SMT patch and PCB board. Therefore, after a simple understanding of the difference between the two properties, it can be put into the work of patch coating.
Barreled tin paste
Main Properties of Two Adhesives
Red glue is a kind of poly-dilute compound cured after high temperature, and solder paste is a new type of solder. The properties of the bonding patches are different. The paste is mainly soldered with conductive transmission effect. This is the difference between simple red glue and solder paste. It plays a good application effect in the welding of PCB surface resistance, capacitance, IC and other electronic components in SMT industry, such as red glue. The dispenser control solder paste coating requires higher requirements for related accessories, and the red glue on the patch will not solidify until it is heated to a certain temperature. It is a kind of auxiliary material for SMT patch and PCB board gluing, which has the effect of bonding insulation. The direction or parameters of the red glue dispenser adjustment will be different because of the different nature of the two.
Bonding high temperature red glue
Comprehensive Choice of Industry Application
The difference between red glue and solder paste is that the application of solder paste is undoubtedly broader from the point of view of its use and industry demand. It is mainly related to good electrical conductivity. Its function is similar to that of tin wire and water for wave soldering. Red glue is the effect of bonding and insulation. It needs a special red glue dispenser to adjust its properties to meet the needs of SMT paste and PCB board gluing. The dispensing process is used to control the red glue for SMT or PCB with few coating points, and the red glue dispensing machine is used to control the tin paste coating for PCB board with large area. The red glue has good fixing effect on the SMT patch, and the insulation and non-conductivity are its properties; while the tin paste can be fixed, it also has conductive effect.
SMT patch coating
The difference between red glue and solder paste can be seen from the above industry applications and instructions. The industries such as PCB board coating and SMT patch choose red glue bonding or solder paste bonding from the demand choice.

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