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Recommend a visual dispensing machine for PTC bonding

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Generally PTC refers to thermistor. When the temperature exceeds a certain value, the thermal resistance will rise. The precision and quality of PTC bonding link can be precisely controlled by visual dispensing machine. An intelligent visual observation dispensing machine is recommended as a device of bonding link. With the advantages of high precision, good quality and fast recognition, there is a demand for it. Various types of control valves can be installed to control it. The quality of the flow glue can be controlled by the precise detection and control of the visual system, which can be used in the application of fingerprint module filling with the same degree of precision besides the excellent effect of PTC bonding.
PTC thermistor dispensing
Precision Control of PTC Bonding
Because of the small structure of PTC (Thermistor) and the relatively fine coating requirement, it is necessary not only to match with the precise control fluid dispensing valve, but also to match the visual dispensing machine to control the position of the gluing effect. The visual observation dispensing machine can adjust the path of the gluing according to the detection of the PC terminal, so that the precise control effect meets the control requirements of the gluing material for PTC bonding and can be applied to the special gluing dispersion for PTC. Thermal glue or a variety of bottom filling compound, so this observation dispenser is also applicable to fingerprint module filling compound link, the effect of coating compound can effectively improve the stability of PTC fixed to circuit board, can set a variety of flow glue accuracy and coverage area, comprehensive view of PTC bonding after the firmness has been improved.
Various Thermistor Coatings
Relevant Processing Matters Before Bonding
Before PTC bonding, the grease or impurities on the surface of the base material should be removed. If alcohol and other solvents are needed to wipe and dry, then the visual observation dispenser is operated for coating and bonding. Epoxy bonding can be selected or special thermal conductive silicone bonding can be selected. Of course, the bottom filling compound with wide applicability can also be used under control. Good flow bonding effect is satisfied with solidification. Fixed bonding, such as the storage and spot coating of thermal conductive silica gel for visual observation dispensing machine, requires special large flow silica gel dispensing valve to be installed on the dispensing machine for control, so as to adjust the accuracy and quality with visual observation function.
Large Visual Visual Dispenser
Applicable to various needs
The effect of PTC bonding by visual inspection system control is relatively excellent. Because this precision control meets most of the industry requirements, this visual device also has good application effect in fingerprint module filling. Visual system control with fluid control dispensing valve can control the coating amount of bottom filling compound and the value of fingerprint module. Degree will rise.

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