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Choose a precise control fluid dispensing valve for visual d

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The dispensing accuracy and efficiency of the equipment with visual function are more superior than desktop computer. The dispensing machine with visual function needs to be equipped with a fluid dispensing valve which is suitable for the control of various adhesives. Whether it is used in the application of epoxy resin with single component or in the application of adhesives with multiple neutral viscosities, the flow rate can be precisely controlled by this valve, and filled from PTC bonding and fingerprint module. It can be seen from the precision of demand and the effect of glue control in the quality industry.
Reciprocating fluid dispensing valve
Introduce the function of applicable fluid dispensing valve
CCD vision system-assisted observation dispenser confirms position coordinates by means of detection and positioning, and covers the glue to the position of bonding filling by means of pneumatic conveying. A suitable fluid dispensing valve is selected to control flow accurately and evenly. The built-in cylinder valve body is separated by sealing material, and the pressure is used to drive the middle screw rod up and down to move the ejector pin to extrude the glue. Polarized stainless steel valve body material can control fluid-driven glue release for a long time without damaging surface material affected by glue. The precise glue release mode matched with observation dispensing machine can be used in PTC bonding or fingerprint module filling industries. This dispensing valve is suitable for the application of various glue coating, such as single component epoxy glue, paint ink, sealant and other types.
Ground-based observation dispensing machine
The need for industry control of single-component fluids
There are many industrial applications that need to be coated with one-component epoxy adhesive, such as PTC bonding or fingerprint module filling. PTC is thermistor. When it exceeds a certain temperature, it will increase the value of thermal resistance, which will affect the use. Applying appropriate amount of adhesive in external sealing and waterproofing protection. Fingerprint module also needs visual equipment and fluid dispensing valve to control the adhesive for heat dissipation and sealing, in addition to the need for visual precision. Close control observation dispenser needs a dispensing valve which is suitable for single component rubber control besides input control. Therefore, fluid dispensing valve is selected in PTC filling glue protection and bonding links to complete epoxy sealing of single component. Fingerprint module filling link also chooses this valve to control the flow rate of coating based on this application.
PTC binder
According to the existing reports, the proportion of fluid dispensing valves suitable for single component compound control is high in the market. The precise control of glue quantity by visual positioning control observation dispensing machine can not be separated from an effective operation of fluid dispensing valves.

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