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Control accuracy of automatic high-speed dispensing machine

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We call it cable, which is similar to the shape of a tube. After filling the cable with glue, it has good waterproof effect and protective effect. The overall quality of the cable head is not unrelated to the application effect of glue filling. Therefore, it is an important application to select a high-speed dispensing equipment to control the filling of sealant to the interior. Intelligent automatic filling dispensing machine is recommended to help users to apply for a long time, stably and continuously. It can precisely control the filling sealant to the position where the sealant needs to be sealed and coated, so as to achieve the overall application effect of sealant waterproof. It is suitable for filling various types of cables and batch production of lamps and lanterns sealants. Specific dispensing machine features will be briefly introduced below.
Adhesive Coating for Communication Cable
Why do cables need to be filled with glue
Taking the special type of watertight cables in the industry as an example, watertight cables are an important part of underwater equipment. If the rubber sleeve wears after filling the cables for a long time, filling the sealant at this time can delay the speed of water flowing in the cables to improve the safety application effect of underwater equipment. This is the effect of glue waterproofing. As a result, in some lamp sealing production lines, this method is also chosen because of the quality requirements. The selection of sealant can make the cable sealed and solidified, which can tightly connect the original structure to form a whole to achieve good waterproof effect. The general filling mode with low precision is not suitable for controlling the filling sealant compound, so recommend one. A high-speed and stable automatic filling dispensing machine.
Waterproof adhesive
Intelligent automatic filling dispensing machine
The automatic filling dispensing machine has the characteristics of simple and comprehensive application. The control board programming is used to adjust the path of filling glue. It is convenient and clear to program the path of filling glue, including the path coating of plane or three-dimensional graphics. Therefore, it is feasible to use USB import program to control filling glue in cable filling link. The quantity of filling sealant and the continuous stability of the precise double-rail transmission control coating are much better than the application of other equipments, which makes the automatic filling dispensing machine more important in the filling process of cable. The whole cable head is waterproof after filling with sealant. Therefore, the equipment can also control the completion of the coating material such as lamp seal or lamp seal. Other types of filling seals.
Desktop Platform Dispenser
The service life and application effect of cable filling glue are improved in different degrees by using automation mode, which is related to the application effect of high-speed control automatic filling dispensing machine. The application of lamp sealing can also be implemented by this device.

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