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Recommendation of a high-speed dispensing machine for precis

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At present, many products need to be filled with sealant for glue content coating, such as lamp sealant or cable filler, which should be protected and waterproofed in this way. In order to ensure the precise and stable control of sealant, a high-speed dispensing machine is recommended for continuous alignment of seam filling and sealing. In order to fill dispensing machine automatically, the filling quantity is controlled by the standard workstation plane to make it meet the demand of application production line, and the promotion of waterproof and dust-proof glue coating is prominent.
Power Sealant
Reasons for Choosing High Speed Automatic Filling Dispenser
In order to make the product have higher service life and control quality, some sealants should be applied to protect the slits. Therefore, cable filler and lamp sealing filler should be operated on the same basis. Generally speaking, high-speed dispensing machine is chosen to operate the compound stably, and one-way can be used to fill many products. The function of the high-speed automatic filling dispensing machine is strong in filling sealant by its simple operation mode matching with the dispensing valve controlled by the compound. According to the mode of operation of the connecting control board, the path setting and parameter adjustment can be carried out, and the sealant can be evenly applied to the positions requiring sealing, including cables and lamps. The effect of rubber sealing protection can be controlled by filling.
Desktop 331 control dispensing equipment
Application industry has strong filling effect
In the process of lamp sealing, in order to make the edge slits of the lamp effectively bond the lamp, the bonding strength between the lamp and the luminous bulb can be well protected by properly filling the sealing mortar. Problems such as dust and moisture intruding into the lamp parts and materials or parts can be effectively alleviated. There are defects in the structure of traditional lamp seals. The small contact gap between components causes the sealing part to weaken gradually or even cause sealing failure, which will affect the application of lamps. Therefore, the precise control of filling sealant quantity of automatic filling dispensing machine can control the quality rate and execution efficiency of lamps sealant uniformly and stably, so it is suitable for the line of coating waterproof with various requirements. Industrial manufacturing and production, such as cable filling glue and other applications also need to achieve this glue control role.
Lamp Seal Filling
Ensuring the effect of filling sealant with high quality is an essential factor in the whole production and application. The control function of this high-speed automatic dispensing equipment is precise and of good quality. It is a popular application in the industry.

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