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Batch production of mobile phone frame glue reflects the val

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In the application of communication equipment, the function of mobile phone frame can not be ignored, so the production of mobile phone frame gluing usually equipped with an intelligent visual dispenser to provide the required gluing quality for mobile phone frame. This visual device we call visual dispenser is used to control the equipment of quantitative gluing after it is put into use. It can improve the quality and stability of mobile phone frame, prevent the bad effect of glue bonding and other problems by adjusting the glue coating. It is a good way to increase the curing rate of mobile phone frame by using appropriate accelerators. Therefore, it can also be used in similar batch production of metal buckle coatings. In use.
Mobilephone frame coated with glue
The Role of Selecting Visualization Devices
The existing mobile phone frame structure is becoming smaller and narrower. In order to have a larger screen proportion application, there are certain requirements for its quality. It is necessary to meet the need of glue linewidth and ensure uniformity and consistency. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the problem of glue stickiness caused by breakage and wire drawing. Visual dispenser adopts CCD visual detection. The device controls positioning, the rubber can cover the glue position completely, support various types of glue path editing settings, and carry the detection device with 360 degree automatic recognition function to achieve precise and stable flow control. Therefore, it also supports a variety of industry applications with high precision and high demand, as well as a large dispensing machine with visual function, and achieves stability. It is recommended that UV glue be used in mobile phone frame production line and curing rate be accelerated by ultraviolet lamp irradiation. The batch production of mobile phone frame glue or metal buckle coating can be completed without positioning.
Large landing visual dispensing machine
Selection of different types of adhesives for gluing
Usually the mobile phone frame production line mainly uses hot melt glue to bond the frame. In fact, some manufacturers will choose to use UV glue to bond and reinforce the mobile phone frame, mainly because of time-saving and labor-saving, and the need for narrow edge glue, etc. Compared with hot melt glue, the application of UV glue in the mobile phone frame glue links can reach 0.1 mm precision state. The visual dispenser supports the installation of UV curing lamps to speed up the curing rate, prevent the sticking of curing glue and achieve good covering and bonding effect. It is also suitable for the application of metal buckle coatings with the same narrow edge. Links.
Ultraviolet UV glue
It has been mentioned that the application needs of metal buckle coating links are the same as those of mobile phone frame gluing. The main reason is that the line width of metal buckle structure with small demand is as precise as that of mobile phone frame gluing. The large visual dispenser can enhance the control accuracy and stability of rubber compound with visual function to meet the production needs.

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