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Several main reasons that may cause stickiness of glue

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Glue is a kind of liquid cementing material, which can be bonded to the surface to achieve good docking reinforcement. This time, we will answer the problem of glue stickiness feedback from users, including relevant adjustments put into use? Links with some application industries, such as mobile phone frame coating, metal buckle coating and other links of the application of whether the need for uniform adhesive bonding, so the following will start from many aspects to understand the impact of the problem of stickiness.
One-component adhesive
Poor bonding due to unstable quality
The stickiness of glue is related to the unstable quality of colloid, which is caused by the low viscosity or slow curing. Therefore, the curing viscosity can be improved by some assistant tools which accelerate the curing rate. The curing accelerator is an assistant tool which can accelerate the curing process. Only a proper amount of coating can achieve the desired effect, such as As a result, the application of visual dispensing machine in batch production of mobile phone frame coating or metal buckle coating only needs a small amount to accelerate the curing effect.
Visual dispensing machine
Improper operation makes bonding strength decline
Visual function attached to visual dispenser brings fast and good execution to production line. It is very important to control the glue proportion quantification when operating visual dispenser, including the adjustment of the ratio between adhesives and catalysts. At the same time, the current properties of glue should be checked before using. Adhesive coatings and other uses, and check whether the range of temperature and environment changes too large to reduce the bonding strength and so on.
Effect of Coarseness of Adhesive Surface
It is necessary to remove the adsorbed air in the application of coatings or coatings because the adsorbed air must be adhered to the voids on the surface of the objects to be adhered. Only the air can be removed can the adhesiveness be achieved. Moreover, the adhesiveness of the polished surface is better than that of the smooth surface. The main reason is that the adhesiveness of the polished surface is better than that of the smooth surface. Because the rough surface of the coarse material means that the physical and chemical properties are changed, it can improve the bonding strength of the glue. At the same time, adding a suitable amount of accelerator is an effective way to speed up the curing rate, which has the same effect on the mobile phone frame coating and metal buckle coating.
Uniform dispensing of mobile phone frame
After the semi-finished product is coated with glue or paint, try to avoid touching and lead to the displacement of the glue point, which is the direct cause of the glue stickiness during operation.

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