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Hot melt dispenser for shoe material bonding and strengtheni

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In today's shoemaking industry, it is necessary to apply appropriate adhesive in some places, and appropriate hot melt adhesive is applied to the key parts of shoe material bonding, such as sole and upper. It can be applied with appropriate hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive to achieve the function of beautiful, lightweight, comfortable and wearable shoe material products. This model is suitable for shoe material or cloth bonding and other needs to be coated with environmentally friendly adhesive. In the application of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive and other industries, semi-automatic hot melt adhesive coating with manual scraper is a common way. In fact, an automatic PUR hot melt adhesive dispenser should be equipped for bonding and reinforcing operations, such as automation and continuity.
Return shoe adhesive
Characteristic description of intelligent automatic hot melt dispenser
PUR hot melt dispenser belongs to desktop automation equipment. It can be used for uniform coating between sole and uppers and reinforcement by adding appropriate amount of solid hot melt glue into the storage position. By adjusting the bonding parameters of the coating through the external control board, it can be used for coating and scraping operation, as well as for manual scraping machine. Compared with high temperature glue such as hot melt pressure sensitive glue, it is more intelligent and efficient. It does not need too much labor input to perform effective and stable bonding. It is suitable for shoe material bonding or fabric bonding and other industrial applications. Part of the dual-position PUR hot melt glue dispenser can bond multiple products simultaneously in one way to achieve this goal. Effective and stable gluing work can not only effectively improve efficiency, but also achieve a stable gluing effect.
Standard PUR hot melt dispenser
A Series of Measures to Strengthen the Adhesion of Shoe Material
1. Shortening the opening time of production line or prolonging the opening time of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive coating
2. Increase the amount of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives or environmentally friendly adhesives
3. Increase the coating pressure or prolong the coating effect (for example, the pressure can be increased by manual scraper)
4. Increase the temperature of the storage position of PUR hot melt dispenser to make it suitable for shoe material or cloth adhesion production.
5. Preheating shoe materials to achieve effective bonding
6. Keep the shoe base dry and tidy, so that it can be fully applied to the effect of bonding to the finished product.
Environmental friendly PUR hot melt adhesives
The intelligent application effect of PUR hot melt dispensing machine is far better than that of semi-automatic operation. The manual scraper is slightly worse than that of automatic equipment in the application of shoe material bonding. Therefore, automatic hot melt dispensing machine is still recommended for batch bonding of shoe material production.

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