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Hot melt adhesives play a very significant role in many application industries, so as one of the manufacturers of hot melt adhesives, neutral automation supports the supply of high-speed dispensers of various applicable types to control adhesives. With the control function of precision and stable efficiency, it has strong applicability in the fields of fabric adhesion and shoe adhesion, so it is right to do so. It can be used to coat a variety of high-temperature hot melt adhesives or environmentally friendly high-temperature adhesives. The following neutralization automation is introduced as a supplier of two dispensing equipment commonly used to control hot melt adhesives.
Manufacturer of Medium Hot Melt Adhesive Machine
Recommended use of automatic hot melt dispenser
Among many equipments, PUR hot melt dispensing machine is the standard type of high-speed automation equipment. Desktop dispensing machine with single-station or double-station can be used for diversified application production and coating. The application effect of this dispensing machine in hot melt glue coating and environmental friendly high-temperature glue coating is relatively stable, which makes its application more comprehensive. Therefore, the manufacturers of medium-sized hot melt adhesives prefer the application of this automatic equipment, which can be used to complete the bonding of materials such as cloth or footwear through path programming. Simple operation mode is suitable for diversified control, which is more convenient to reflect, in order to set various parameters to achieve stability and provide good performance. Good control of coating effect, so PUR hot melt adhesive dispenser is more suitable for many manufacturers who need hot melt adhesive coating to purchase and put into use, which is also the automation proposal of manufacturers of medium-sized hot melt adhesive.
Automatic Desktop Hot Melt Adhesive Machine
Portable manual model for stable coverage scraper
In fact, the existing special manual hot melt dispenser made in China has a small proportion compared with PUR hot melt dispenser and can be directly put into use without too much preparatory work. Put the power connection and environmental friendly high temperature glue such as solid hot melt glue into the heating tank, because the bottom of this semi-automatic equipment belongs to the hole groove round wheel coating glue, so it can be full. In order to meet the requirement of uniform and stable hot melt adhesive path such as fabric bonding or shoe material bonding, it is not necessary to set parameters to control instantly to achieve path coating function according to operator's setting needs. Because the hot melt adhesive or environmental friendly high temperature adhesive placed in this equipment is solid, it is necessary to wait for a period of time to be heated to melt state. The manufacturer of medium-sized hot-melt adhesive dispenser suggests that semi-automatic manual hot-melt dispenser is suitable for applications requiring reinforcement and adhesion of cloth or shoes.
Manual Hot Melt Rubber Scraper
Considering the comprehensive factors, manufacturers of hot melt adhesives recommend to choose automatic PUR hot melt adhesives as the leading equipment, through setting up programming control to effectively complete the work of fabric adhesion or shoe adhesion, with a variety of application effects and become the mainstream of the industry.

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