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How about the efficiency of power supply glue filling with p

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The demand of power supply base and other products can achieve good glue-filling and coating function, which makes it have the sealing protection function of meeting the requirements. Therefore, the choice of glue-filling power supply mainly tends to the application of large-scale visual dispensing machine, which is controlled by CCD vision positioning system, and will be shifted according to the control accuracy of positioning. The filling glue is coated from the mechanical arm to the filling position, and the stability control ensures the uniformity of the coating and the good product rate. Therefore, the filling glue effect of the power supply filling glue products is relatively stable and prominent.
Electronics power supply glue
Why does power supply need glue
Power supply is an electrical tool commonly used in the family. Power supply glue filling needs to play a proper role in waterproof and heat dissipation, so it will choose to coat the sealing glue, which will tightly wrap up the electrical part of the whole product and completely isolate from the outside world; liquid substances can not contact the components of power supply to improve waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-moisture. Corrosion ability, waterproof power supply needs to be sealed in the whole position. At this time, the low thermal conductivity of air causes the components to be sealed into the box body without heat dissipation. Usually special coating and filling compound is used for proper sealing and the components in the power supply have heat dissipation effect. Large visual dispenser will effectively enhance the control of positioning operation in visual mode. The quality of glue filling accuracy and efficiency can be used to control the uniformity and stability of glue coating for a long time and batch of precise power supply glue filling. The application of visual equipment control in power supply or COP packaging technology has been greatly improved.
Large visual dispenser
Function Introduction of Intelligent Large Visual Dispenser
Large-scale visual dispenser belongs to large-scale equipment with landing structure. The positioning function of CCD is different from other automatic devices. The omni-directional automatic recognition eliminates the need of fixture application to complete dispensing and filling directly in place. In this link, the cost of fixture installation is omitted. After setting parameters on the PC plane mounted, the CCD positioning function eliminates the need for fixture application directly to complete dispensing and filling. It can control the parameters of dispensing thickness, dispensing speed, dispensing time, dispensing height and stop time, etc. Therefore, the large visual dispensing machine with intelligent control can be applied to the application requirements of power supply filling or COP encapsulation in the production line with uninterrupted demand. The power supply ensures the coating of glue through the positioning control of this equipment. Uniform and stable.
Large-scale ground-based visual dispensing equipment
When filling glue with power supply, attention should be paid to the selection of filling glue. Some of the glue materials have high shrinkage stress and poor thermal conductivity, which may damage components, pads or change the air gap of magnetic circuit. Therefore, this kind of glue should be avoided in the application of power supply and COP packaging.

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