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Attention and Explanation of Controlling Quick-drying Glue D

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Why use quick-drying glue dispenser?
Improve work efficiency, dispensing environment and quality of dispensing
Precision control of glue volume, avoid excessive glue waste, automatic removal of glue to prevent needle clogging
Quick-drying curable adhesive dispensing
Compared with ordinary stainless steel needles, what advantages does Teflon needle have for quick-drying glue dispensing?
Fast-drying glue dispensing uses PP-based Teflon needle with corrosion resistance, which can prolong the phenomenon of blocking rubber and low viscosity. It is suitable for flow control of dry glue, manual or automatic quick-drying glue.
Compared with stainless steel dispensing needle of the same size and size, the replacement frequency of Teflon dispensing needle in fast-drying glue dispensing was improved.
Tiflon dispensing needle needle tube inner wall precision polishing, without flash precision needle tip, to ensure continuous control of quick-drying glue dispensing effect.
Three-axis platform automatic dispensing machine
How to avoid glue blockage on quick drying valve joints and pipes?
This situation is mainly due to excessive moisture or reusable quick-drying glue. Make sure to use fresh quick-drying glue and thoroughly clean pipes with acetone or professional detergent. The compressed air used after cleaning should be completely dried and applied to install dispensing machine between air pressure and gluing equipment in factories.

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