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Experience on glue quantity control of high-speed dispensing

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The dispensing control of high-speed dispensing machine and glue filling machine is a common problem in packaging industry. The quantity of dispensing glue and the application time of filling glue have an effect on the quality of packaging products.
Desktop automatic high-speed dispensing machine
1. Pressure setting of dispensing machine
High-speed dispensing machine provides pressure for needles or guns to ensure the supply of glue. Pressure determines the amount and speed of glue. If the pressure is too high, the glue will overflow and the amount of glue will be too much. If the pressure is too low, there will be intermittent and leak point problems affecting the glue control, which will lead to product defects. Pressure should be selected according to the nature of glue and the temperature of the working environment. The ambient temperature will make the glue viscosity smaller and its fluidity better. At this time, the pressure value should be reduced, and vice versa.
Fixed dispensing automation equipment
2. Setting time of dispenser
According to the experience of glue quantity control, the diameter of glue point should be half of the product spacing. This will ensure that there is enough glue to bind components and avoid excessive glue effects. The amount of glue dispensing is determined by the length of time set by the high-speed dispenser. In practice, the setting time of dispensing should be selected according to the production conditions (room temperature, glue viscosity, etc.).
Injection plastic steel needle
3. Needle size of dispensing machine
In practice, the inner diameter of the needle should be about 1/2 of the diameter of the adhesive point. The dispensing process should be based on glue control and product size. Selection of dispensing head should be different size products with different needles, so as to ensure the quality of dispensing point controlled by high-speed dispensing machine and improve production efficiency.

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