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Several safety precautions in the application of double-liqu

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First, double-liquid dispenser should pay attention to the viscosity range of the glue used, because different metering pumps have requirements for viscosity, which will leak glue beyond the requirements of metering pumps, or even can not work properly.
Secondly, the glue is prone to produce bubbles which affect the quality of the glue. Vacuum machine is needed to eliminate the bubbles of the double liquid glue before filling the glue to improve the quality of the glue.
Dual-station desktop AB glue dispenser
Thirdly, glue must be mixed strictly according to the suitable proportion of double liquid glue. If the B agent is too much, it will accelerate the curing and make the adhesive harder. Cracks may occur after curing, which can not achieve waterproofing effect; if the B agent composition is less, the curing speed will slow down, making the glue soft, and can not be dried leading to the curing, which is one of the matters needing attention of the dual-liquid dispenser.
Fourthly, temperature has a great influence on the curing of products. When the temperature rises, the curing time accelerates. When the temperature decreases, the curing time prolongs. If the temperature is too high, it can not be calculated according to the curing time. The properties of the glue may be damaged and the original state can not be restored. It is necessary to select the appropriate temperature for curing according to the production requirements. According to the specific conditions, it can be cured by wet temperature or oven.
4331 platform AB glue dispenser
Fifth, if the glue used at each time is different, we must first clean the water tank of the double-liquid dispenser, cleaning pipelines, pumps, etc. Otherwise, it will cause glue poisoning, resulting in a lot of bubbles in the pouring glue, glue can not be solidified! If you always use the same glue, you only need to clean the mixing parts for continuous operation. It is suggested to apply glue on the same kind of glue, which is also one of the matters needing attention of double-liquid dispenser.
Sixth, when mixing rubber, the mixing time should not be too fast. The automatic glue filling machine should mix slowly along the wall. Full mixing can make the chemical reaction more complete, better fluidity, and more conducive to defoaming!
Seventh, the working room of double-liquid dispensing machine should keep the normal temperature of 25 degrees as far as possible. Temperature has a great influence on the usage and maintenance time of glue. In addition, open the air-conditioning, pay attention to the spray of spray from the outlet directly on the surface of the rubber layer, chemical reactions with B, white fog, grease, particles, etc.
Triaxial AB glue dispenser
Eighth, some operators will have mild skin allergy and itching if they are exposed to glue for a long time. It is recommended to wear protective gloves when using, such as double liquid adhesive on the skin, wipe with acetone or alcohol, and use detergent to clean.

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