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Teach you about type selection and classification of dispens

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With the continuous introduction and improvement of industrial automation consumption, automatic dispensing equipment is gradually used in dispensing consumption. The following edition introduces the selection method of dispensing equipment for you. You can choose suitable automatic dispensing equipment according to your product characteristics and dispensing process requirements.
Automatic platform LED dispenser
1. Product dispensing track: straight line, point, circle, etc., different glue track choose different dispensing equipment. For one round of glue on the product, you can choose circular dispensing machine and FY-T series desktop automatic dispensing equipment for other dispensing tracks.
Single-station three-axis dispensing machine
2. Product dispensing range: The size of dispensing range determines the journey of automatic dispensing equipment. If the product dispensing range is 300 * 300 mm, there are also differences in dispensing equipment selection series.
3. Product dispensing position accuracy: When dispensing position accuracy is beyond 0.05 mm, step-by-step synchronous belt is selected to drive dispensing machine. When the position accuracy is high, the servo screw automatic dispensing equipment must be affected.
983 semi-automatic dispensing machine
4. Special specifications, according to customer requirements dispensing equipment selection for customized type.

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