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Interventional application of visual dispensing machine redu

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Product Size Error and Setup Error
Usually, the repeatability error of dispensing machine is about 0.01 mm. When the error of product or setting is greater than the accuracy of dispensing machine, the quality of dispensing will be significantly affected when replacing the product. Because most dispensing methods are contact dispensing, the point on the tip of dispensing should contact the surface of the product to finish dispensing. Therefore, the error of product and installation device will seriously affect the contact and height between the adhesive point on the tip and the product surface, which will also seriously affect the coating effect and aggravate the dispensing error again.
Standard Platform Dispenser
To solve these problems, it is necessary to improve the dimensional accuracy of products, improve the design of equipment, and adopt some flexible methods to reduce dispensing errors, such as spring rubber. As the non-contact dispensing method and computer vision positioning technology have matured, non-contact spraying dispensing and computer vision dispensing technology can be used to adapt to the size error of products and equipment. Because non-contact spraying glue sprays to products several millimeters away from the product, it can be fully adapted. The slight dispensing error of product height. Computer vision positioning technology can be programmed and automatically positioned according to the geometric characteristics of each product. It can also accommodate minor errors in product size.
Standard screw locking machine

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