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Reasons for choosing bottom filling dispensing in production

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Why use bottom filler?
Bottom filling glue is a kind of glue that can fix electronic parts.
Bottom filling glue can be used in many different portable electronic devices, from mobile phones to laptops to IC packages (such as BGA, CSP) to protect them from vibration and thermal cycling. Decline. The bottom filling dispensing also provides the possibility of rework.
Filling dispensing at the bottom of the chip can help improve the overall quality of the product, provide higher reliability and longer life cycle. Provide moisture-proof, heat-proof and mechanical shock protection for semi-finished materials.
Filling AB glue
Characteristic of bottom filling compound:
One component epoxy resin, high reliability.
Rapid curing can be repaired.
Good mechanical and temperature impact resistance.
Rapid curing and rework
Low Viscosity, Fast Flow Type
Rapid Flow at Room Temperature
Low Viscosity, Fast Flow Type
Single Component Repair Adhesive
Application range of bottom filling dispensing:
Component bottom filling is used for consumer electronics (mobile devices, portable computers, etc.), automotive electronics (sensor module, engine control unit, etc.), and flip chip integrated in products, miniaturization products are the most widely used.

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