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The direct influence of glue viscosity selection on high-spe

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High-speed dispensing machine has the functions of high viscosity, small glue point and control of wire drawing. If the viscosity of the high-speed dispenser is small, the glue may penetrate into the product. Therefore, the adaptive viscosity of glue viscosity selection is very important!
Single-liquid glue
Pressure setting of dispensing
The setting of dispensing pressure is very important. The pressure of high-speed dispensing machine will form the phenomenon of glue overflow. If the pressure is too small, the leakage point may be that the intermittent dispensing conditions may not meet the dispensing process required by the product, resulting in low qualified rate of the product and low operating efficiency.
Glue viscosity selection plays an important role in packaging accuracy, packaging adhesion and overall packaging quality, so colloid viscosity is the dispensing requirement in packaging process.
In the process of packaging with high-speed dispenser, every useful step to operate colloid viscosity is found. Colloid has always been the manufacturer of fluid treatment equipment and all the production lines in urgent need. Then the manufacturer of high-speed dispenser introduces the solution of colloid abnormal viscosity.
Double stomatal controller
One of the common steps in the solution of abnormal glue viscosity of high-speed dispenser is the assembly of heater, which is one of the common and fast methods in all methods.
In some packaging conditions, it is necessary to increase the condition and colloid temperature to match the packaging process. Because the temperature of the increased colloid is within a certain range, the temperature change caused by the pulse is reduced, and the effect of fluid consistency is ensured.
Automatic glue dispensing machine
Other requirements are packaged by reducing colloid viscosity. The operation and adjustment of colloidal viscosity are also reduced on a large scale. High-speed dispenser often appears in the packaging process. The frequency of wire drawing and tailing, the fluid is automatic. The dispensing line, dropping speed, viscosity of dispensing machine and glue filling machine have a long-term impact on the quality of all packaging products, and the operation technology and technology of plastic body need to be further strengthened.

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