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Summary of characteristics and advantages of transition to a

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The dispensing process is becoming more and more in industrial production, and the requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Traditional dispensing is handled by workers. With the rapid development of automation, manual dispensing is far from satisfactory in the industry. Demand is gradually replaced by automatic dispensing equipment. Automatic dispensing machines are widely used in industrial production, such as integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, electronic components, automotive parts, handbags, packaging boxes, etc. The application efficiency of automatic dispensing machine has been improved to a great extent. The characteristics of automatic dispensing are that the quality has been improved and the products can be improved. Some manual dispensing processes can be realized. Automatic dispensing machine can realize three-axis linkage and intelligent task at the intelligent level.
Automatic glue dispensing machine
Detailed characteristics of automatic dispensing machine are lower than: 1. Tube torsional rubber control; digital time control and other automatic dispensing features. 2. Glue-dispensing pen head with micro-touch switch, inconvenient operation; no need for atmospheric pressure, can be responsible for power supply. 3. Information can be indirectly applied for the original container; hoses can be quickly replaced without stopping cleaning and adjustment. 4. The rubber can be sucked back to avoid dripping. 5. Needles: stainless steel needles, stainless steel angle needles; 6. Rotor parts can stop devices and assembly, improve protection function. 7. Automatic dispensing is characterized by its applicability to micro-discharge of low-viscosity liquids, such as anaerobic, instantaneous and fast-drying adhesives.
Desktop automatic UV glue dispenser

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