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Functional description of automatic spray dispensing equipme

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The emergence of spray dispensing equipment can achieve high-speed, high-precision, high repeatability dispensing operations, suitable for bottom filling, cavity filling, wafer sticking, parts coating protection and sealing protection. The machine is suitable for large-scale manual processing, and widely used in semiconductor packaging and dispensing production process of various quality glue injection applications.
The spray dispensing equipment products of on-line dispensing machine have the following characteristics:
Tri-axis spray dispensing equipment
1. The distribution position of active image recognition system can be conveniently set on the substrate, and the corresponding reference spray dispensing can be captured effectively in practical operation. It is more useful for comparing and correcting points to correct the position and height of the needle.
2. The limit speed of motion system-X axis and Y axis is 1000 mm/s. Image recognition, leveling, assistant and positioning make the whole device move faster, more accurately and perform better. The Z-axis distance of spray dispensing equipment is 100mm, which can be compatible with dispensing operation of products with different heights.
Large Ground Spraying Equipment
3. Flushing and weighing - During the production operation, the needle can be set at a designated location for cleaning to remove excess glue and dust. The nozzle or needle can be moved through an image recognition system.
4. Feeding system - conveyor belt transfers the substrate from upstream processing equipment to dispensing position, and then transfers the substrate to processing equipment after dispensing is completed.
Spray valve of dispenser
The spray dispensing equipment can correct the dispensing position, install the general spray dispensing valve with comprehensive balance, and automatically correct after weighing to ensure the uniform amount of repeated glue coating, so as to better prove the product quality.

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