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The setting of dispensing height in mainstream industries is

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In the packaging process of dispensing machine, the height and location of the adhesive point are important factors affecting the binding effect of packaging. We use mobile dispensing packaging as an example.
FPC packaging dispensing
For example, there are differences in the number and location of adhesive. How can dispensing machine and filling machine set different dispensing height by identifying the difference of packaging requirements in the process of dispensing packaging for mobile phones? Initially, it is necessary to check the installed components. The area and material of the printed circuit board relative to the packaging affect the height of dispensing packaging.
Generally speaking, the height of the solder pad layer of printed circuit boards usually does not exceed 0.11 mm, recommended is 0.05 mm. Although the thickness of the metal encapsulated by the end weld joint of the component is relatively thick, usually 0.1 mm, for some special packaging products, the thickness of the metal encapsulated by the end weld joint can reach 0.3 mm, with a suitable dispensing height to ensure good adhesion between the packaging surfaces on both sides of the adhesive point.
Flexible Circuit Board Adhesive Coating
It is difficult to degum component surface and PCB surface when the collision area is more than 80%. Therefore, in order to ensure the adhesion between product surface and PCB surface in the packaging process of dispensing machine, the dispensing height of patch adhesives is forced to be greater than the thickness of the pad layer on PCB and the solder head at the end of the component. The sum of the thickness of the encapsulated metal. In order to ensure the bonding quality, the dispensing mode is often set as an inverted triangle. The depth of the printed circuit board surface matches by placing the top on the surface.

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