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Reducing dispensing cost lies in the application of automati

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In many consumer technologies, dispensing and packaging often need to be stopped for a product process. After years of application, it is difficult for SMEs to cope with the application of flow control. The emergence of automatic high-speed dispensing machine for the needs of users to complete this. The distributor has a controller, which is suitable for adjusting parameters of various products and supports the flow of special glue dispensing channels. It can replace manual dispensing. High-speed dispensing machine can help to realize mechanized production and reduce dispensing costs, improve the consumption quality of small and medium-sized consumer enterprises, and increase brand satisfaction.
Double-ended AB gluing machine
The high-speed dispensing machine has the advantages of simple operation, fast speed and high precision. The program files can be uploaded/downloaded through U disk, which is convenient for material management and storage. The machine is equipped with a control button, because the adapter is more difficult to debug than similar products, and has Chinese-English operation interface, which facilitates the operation and control of all kinds of employees. The fuselage is used to make the XYZ vertical. The vertical degree of XYZ axis is effectively guaranteed by NC integration of the fuselage. The application of high-speed dispensing machine improves the processing accuracy of the equipment. This machine can be operated by one machine and the dispensing cost can be reduced.
Desktop Type 331 High Speed Dispenser
High-speed dispensing machine is a complete structure, which can be operated independently on the machine without matching with the internal computer. It is not only convenient for equipment, but also simple for operation and setup. It is a very simple and practical dispensing equipment. The high-speed dispensing machine is equipped with humanized teaching box, which is convenient for you to operate smoothly to effectively reduce dispensing costs.

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