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Explain the difference of advantages of domestic dispensing

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With the continuous development of domestic manufacturing industry and the development of market competition, more and more packaging manufacturers realize that only excellent technical support, efficient output efficiency and cost-effective can occupy a place in the international and domestic markets. Steady. The competitive advantage of domestic LED packaging equipment industry has gradually shifted from pure large-scale, low-price competition to technology competition, scale competition and efficiency competition.
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The advantages of domestic dispensing machine are inseparable from the long-term development. The packaging industry started slightly later than the advanced foreign equipment. In the early stage, the automation degree of equipment and the accuracy, stability and wear resistance of equipment are obviously insufficient. With the continuous progress and development of packaging technology and dispensing technology, the gap between domestic dispensing machine and international dispensing machine is narrowing. Even some technologies have exceeded the level of their international counterparts, and their competitiveness and advantages have been fully demonstrated.
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From the distribution of domestic dispensing machines, it can be seen that the whole domestic LED production capacity accounts for more than 70% of the world's total, and its industrial scale and market advantages are particularly prominent. Localized business development is more in line with domestic packaging needs, and can be adjusted in time according to user needs, so this is also the advantage of domestic dispensing machine.
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In addition, continuous innovation is the basis of the advantages of domestic LED dispensing machine and dispensing machine maintenance equipment. Innovation is the basic and key factor in industry and company. Continuous innovation can make distributor packaging equipment more suitable for new development. The advantage of domestic dispensing machine lies in mastering new technology, meeting new challenges and maintaining competitive advantage.

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