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How to prolong the service life of cantilever high speed dis

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No matter how machinery has service life, high speed dispensing machine will cantilever friction work because the machine parts and the external or internal friction, erosion and air, liquid and solid material loaded into high-speed dispensing machine inside and outside the cantilever parts will be exposed to the. Will have a huge impact on the cantilever high-speed dispensing machine, thereby shortening the life. Therefore, we should regularly maintain and maintain the dispensing machine in the usual work or idle machine, so that the service life of dispensing machine is extended to the maximum, minimizing the cost of the use of the enterprise.
Pipeline cantilever high speed dispensing machine
The key to prolong the life of the cantilever high speed dispenser is the cleaning of the dispenser. We had to replace the glue, glue line first to ensure clean, to close after the feeding valve in the open valve, so the dispensing glue in the drain, otherwise, will affect the residual glue dispensing work under a normal. Then close the discharge valve, the glue tube in glue poured into the glue storage tube, the cleaning agent into the rubber tube, start high speed cantilever dispensing machine, will be completely excluded after solvent dispensing machine of rubber barrel cleaning work.
Working return valve of dispensing machine
The dispenser also in addition to these each planned regular cleaning machine and outside the machine, the general use of the sterile clean cloth dipped in alcohol to scrub, use of lubricant to the lubrication of the key parts to. You can even use a vacuum cleaner to clean up a cantilever high speed dispenser. But be careful not to damage the shell of the dispenser.
Dispensing lubricant for dispensing machine
If you want to use high speed dispensing machine long cantilever, must turn off the power, reduce the dispenser in standby on the internal parts of the damage, not only saves the electricity consumption reduce business costs, prolong the service life of the cantilever high speed dispensing machine.

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