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Effective Elements for Improving Point Glue Quality

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The same equipment has the same effect in different manufacturing. From the beginning of use in some customer factories, there is almost no after-sales service for the same equipment. Some factories need after-sales service every other day. The main reason for this phenomenon is the difference between the manufacturer's use and maintenance of the machine and the specifications of the workshop management system. How to make the automatic dispensing machine improve the quality of the dispensing agent and keep in good condition is a matter that should be paid attention to by the equipment manufacturers.
Platform R-axis dispensing machine
The size and stability of the dispensing pressure also affect the quality of the dispensing resin. After determining the appropriate dispensing head with contact surface, it is necessary to try to find the appropriate air pressure. If the pressure is too high, glue overflow will occur, too much glue pressure will be too small, glue will be intermittent, glue effect is not good, resulting in pressure instability is also the cause of uneven glue, so the factory needs to maintain a stable and appropriate air pressure to ensure good bonding effect.
4331 Platform Dispenser
The dispensing effect, in addition to the effect of glue on improving the quality of the point gum, the viscosity of the glue also affects the quality of the gum. Viscosity is high, glue speed is slow, wire is easy to stretch, viscosity is too low, fluidity is strong, glue control is difficult to drip, so the glue with proper viscosity can also effectively solve the problem of efficiency, and thus affect the extent of improving the quality of point glue, in addition, packaged glue must not have bubbles, if there are bubbles, some glue will burst and No glue. Every time the glue or hose is replaced, the glue should be discharged correctly to remove the air in the cavity, so as to ensure that the smooth flow of glue can improve the quality of the point glue.

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