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Cautions for completing LED packaging with dispensing equipm

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Today, the LED packaging market has a good prospect. Domestic LED giants further expand their production capacity and purchase supporting equipment. The most commonly used LED packaging equipment in the market include: crystal fixer, wire welder, dispensing machine and glue filling machine.
LED lamp bead encapsulation glue
Ten years ago, the LED packaging market was monopolized by foreign brands. Only a few Taiwanese brands could stand at the same level. There were almost no domestic brands of dispensing equipment, such as crystal fixer, wire welder and automatic dispensing machine. Until recently, the domestic packaging market has changed. Over the past five years, the LED packaging market has now bid farewell to foreign brands, while domestic brands have no foothold.
331 glue dispenser
Whether the process flow is still the quality of the chip, the function of the packaging device or the control in the packaging process will directly affect the LED packaging. Therefore, it is very important to know the precautions of LED packaging. In the process of coating with automatic dispensing machine, glue dispensing machine and other packaging equipment, each key point must be accurately grasped. Therefore, the factory needs to maintain stable and appropriate air pressure to ensure good adhesion.
Dual-station glue dispensing machine
With glue effect, in addition to glue control dispenser effect, glue viscosity will also affect the quality of glue, which is easy to ignore in many LED packaging considerations. Viscosity is high, glue speed is slow, wire is easy to stretch, viscosity is too low, fluidity is strong, glue control is difficult to drip, glue with proper viscosity can effectively solve the problem of glue efficiency. In addition, no bubbles are allowed in the packaged glue. If there are bubbles, some glue will burst and there is no glue. This is a point that should not be ignored in LED packaging. When replacing glue or hose, the glue should be properly drained to clear the air in the cavity and ensure smooth glue.

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