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Solution of Solder Paste Problem in Control Point of Dispens

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The quality of solder paste is not up to standard
The quality of the compound directly determines the quality of the product in the point solder paste problem. General products can be packaged with general solder paste, but the use of liquid crystal film is not recommended, because liquid crystal film should be coated around, so the quality of solder paste does not meet the standard will lead to incorrect power supply application, which will directly lead to the wrong operation of LCD, choose a good three-axis dispenser to improve packaging quality is not good? The quality of dispensing solder paste is not good even if excellent dispensing equipment is used. Only the solder paste and liquid crystal film are more important, and the solder paste dispensing machine is only an auxiliary means. Only by ensuring that the dispensing machine avoids blockage and solder paste blockage in the production process can the quality of dispensing solder paste be improved.
Barreled tin paste coating
The problem of clogging isopoint solder paste is usually caused by uneven quality, which is the same as that of clogging dispenser. Poor quality of solder paste can easily lead to various problems. The quality of solder paste dispenser is up to the standard, and it will also cause packaging problems. The connecting rod dispensing technology of three-axis dispenser can be realized after dispensing many times, which is the reason for choosing three-axis dispenser. The main reason is to reduce the occurrence of point solder paste problem on the premise of guaranteeing quality, and to be able to apply solder paste to the required position and fill it completely.
Micrometer Rubber Valve

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