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Introduction of Common Dispensing Consumables

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The mixing pipe under the valve is a common dispensing material. The mixing pipe has dynamic and static types. The spiral stirring core in the mixing tube deforms the glue for a long time and forms burrs. The dispensing consumables of this consumption level can be replaced. The static mixing tube can be used for a long time (15 to 30 days). The dynamic relative time is relatively short, because the stirring core in the dynamic mixing tube is driven by a brushless motor and can rotate at high speed. It can reach 1200 times in a minute, so this kind of consumable can deform faster, and it is usually replaced once in 7 to 15 days.
24 Horn Mixed Tubes
Sealing inside valve
In order to reduce costs, some glues are used to increase heat conduction. Some of them add fillers to the glue to increase hardness. Some of these fillers are powder, some are granular and some are very hard. For example, fillers are ceramic powder, alumina and so on. The long-term friction between fillers and sealing rings in glue will lead to the wear of sealing rings. The wear of sealing rings will lead to the failure of glue collection. In this case, we must replace the sealing parts. Under normal circumstances, the dispensing consumables of dispensing machine are replaced once in one to two months. If there are too many glue fillers, sometimes the seals may be replaced within half a month. Like the 1:1 thicker filler still quite a lot.
Rubber valves with built-in sealing rings

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