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Present situation of dispensing machine Market

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From 2002 to the end of 2012, the annual sales of dispensing machine packaging industry has been growing at a high speed. Despite a slight decline in the dispensing machine market during this period, however, driven by the huge market demand and the continuous improvement of industry technology level, the data of dispensing machine market status has rapidly recovered and increased. Industry experts said that the whole market has been promoted. The rapid growth of the automatic dispensing machine industry is driven by the promotion of dispensing technology and the popularity of various exhibitions in China.
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According to the present situation of dispensing machine market, the data also show that there are nearly 250 professional automatic dispensing machine manufacturers and sellers in China and the number of employees of dispensing machine-related enterprises is close to 25,000, of which 50% are engaged in scientific research, and the market potential is huge.
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Nowadays, the society has realized the importance of packaging technology. The development and application of packaging technology is related to the development of national security, national defense construction, high-tech industrialization and so on. The present situation of dispensing machine market is in the historical trend of raising the development of technology to an important level.

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