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Reasons for the popularity of intelligent dispenser in produ

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I believe everyone should know that dispenser is a widely used precision instrument, which is mainly used to precisely point, inject, coat and drop glue, paint and other liquids to the precise position of each product in our common product process. These can be used to achieve points, lines, circles or arcs. What are the reasons for the popularity of dispensers?
Two-component three-axis automatic dispensing machine
What makes automatic dispenser popular?
1. Because the program files of dispenser can be downloaded, it is more convenient to manage and save data.
2. The dispensing machine can also run at high speed.
3. The dispensing machine can completely replace manual dispensing operation and realize mechanized production, which is the direct reason for the popularity of dispensing machine.
Single-station glue coating machine
4. The dispenser does not need external teaching equipment, which makes debugging of other similar products easier.
5. The dispensing machine is easy to operate, fast and accurate.

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