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Automation Equipment for Pipeline Smart Phone Dispensing

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Modern smartphones have entered the era of large screen. Unlike key-press telephones in the past, most telephones still use glue to fix their components, such as smart chips, motherboards, etc. ) Then someone asked, what on earth needs to be glued to the smartphone? What is the dispensing process of mobile phone and dispensing equipment used?
Suspension dispensing for smart phones
At present, alloys and engineering plastics are mainly used as mobile phone shell materials. In the process of manufacturing and assembling smartphones, traditional threads and snaps can no longer meet the requirements of ultra-thin, ultra-light, three-dimensional and beautiful features. In order to achieve seamless, flat and thin appearance, many manufacturers like to use dispensing technology to bond and attach smartphone components in the process of assembling mobile phones.
Which dispensing devices do modern smartphones need dispensing glue?
1: Fixed mobile phone motherboard;
2. Adhesion of plastic shell;
3. The adhesion between smartphone screen and frame;
4. Location of camera window
5. Adhesion and fixation of side keys:
6. Charging and headphone jack fixing, of course, different brands of mobile phones have different functions and different dispensing requirements. Smart phone dispensing location needs to be selected according to the actual situation.
Adhesive Coating for Cell Phone Batteries
At present, the dispensing process of smart phone is divided into automatic dispensing and semi-automatic dispensing. Semi-automatic dispensing is mainly due to the need for manual participation in the dispensing process, while automatic dispensing is automatic dispensing without manual participation. At present, most mobile phone manufacturers prefer to use "high precision, high efficiency" fully automatic dispensing machine to complete the dispensing of smart phones. The glue used includes hot melt glue, ultraviolet photoresist and speed. Coagulant, silica gel, conductive adhesive, etc.

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