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The initial design of dispensing equipment is affected by co

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In the foregoing, we briefly introduced the functional differences of some common dispensing equipment in the market. In fact, the functional differences of dispensing equipment are largely determined by the differences in the design of dispensing equipment. The design differences of dispensing machine, dispensing machine and other packaging equipment are discussed below.
Customized dispensing machine
In a long period of time, the planning of dispensing and filling machines is relatively complex. Considering the accuracy of glue output and the variability of packaging trajectory requirements, the mechanical parts of common dispensing equipment on the market often adopt a mechanical channel which can be driven in three directions freely. Scientific planning makes the point. The design of glue equipment tends to be able to complete arbitrary dispensing packaging in any direction and space.
Double-end hot melt dispenser
Unlike glue dispensing machines and dispensing machines, the planning of special dispensing equipment for light-emitting diode light guide plate is an inductive planning of general configuration planning, optical planning, data matching planning, parametric planning and heat dissipation system planning. According to different packaging products and data, their planning plans are also different. Acrylic materials are usually used as acrylic materials. For packaging, the planning of acrylic light guide plate is now relatively complex. Packaging requirements will focus on the attenuation life, optical matching, data matching and parameter programming of light emitting diode lamps, so the design of such point devices is different.
Manual digital displaying dispenser
For some SMD packaging equipment planning, the focus is mainly on its support structure, size, data selection and so on. Due to the development level constraints, there are still many deficiencies in the planning, which need further design and improvement.

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