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Automatic dispensing equipment has been facing the developme

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With the development of modern production and science and technology, higher and higher requirements have been put forward for automation technology, which also provides necessary conditions for the development and innovation of automatic dispensing equipment. After 1970s, automation began to develop into complex electrical system control and advanced intelligent control, and automatic dispensing equipment has been widely used. Applied in various fields, such as leather products processing, toy manufacturing, packaging box manufacturing and various small handicraft processing, almost all industries that need to be glued have the help of dispensing equipment.
331 position coating dispenser
The development trend of dispensing equipment is gradually oriented to the suitability of intelligence and industry. It mainly adopts three-axis synchronous belt linear guide structure to realize high-speed operation and precise positioning and save energy consumption. On the basis of precise synchronous belt linear guide, a high-precision interpolation action system is added, which improves the efficiency, safety and efficiency of the equipment. Flexibility, the production efficiency of the whole machine has increased by 2-3 times. This automatic equipment is suitable for leather processing, garment industry, footwear industry, luggage industry, packaging industry, toy industry, stationery industry and automobile industry. It is suitable for leather, rubber, plastic, cardboard, cloth, foam, neon, artificial leather, PVC board and other industries. Material glue.
221 desktop dispensing equipment
At present, the development trend and application of automatic dispensing equipment are expanding from semi-automatic to automatic and intelligent fields, such as visual positioning, intelligent control, automatic production management, etc. The automatic dispensing equipment will imitate human intelligence to a greater extent and realize automatic coating and intelligent spraying in production, which will be more conducive to bonding. The development trend of dispensing equipment in the future will be full of high intelligence. High-tech content will be higher and higher, and more and more producers will be helped.
Triaxial AB glue dispenser

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