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The conclusion of observing the development status of glue f

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The present situation and development prospects of domestic glue filling machines:
At present, the development of domestic glue-filling machine industry is relatively mature in single-component glue-filling technology. Its development direction is automation and high precision. This is the distribution direction of the overall development status of glue-filling machine. At present, the two-component glue-filling technology is at the exploratory stage and is the development direction of glue-filling dripping industry.
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General-purpose glue-filling machines, such as some glue-filling controllers. Domestic imitation technology has been very mature, the market competition is very fierce, the price has fallen sharply, and hundreds of machines have appeared. However, the accuracy of our glue-filling machines is generally not high, and the glue-filling is not stable enough. In some high-tech industries, when selecting glue-filling machines, dispensing machines and dripping machines, foreign brands are absolutely the only choice. In terms of high precision, we need people with lofty ideals to make further efforts. From the current situation of glue filling machine development, it seems that only quality and service can make the equipment stand out.
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There are many years of development history in automatic glue filling machine, domestic three-axis platform, circular dripping machine, dispensing machine and so on. If it is only a common precision, then the use of glue filling machine, dispensing machine and platform is enough. At present, many manufacturers are engaged in the production and research of these single-component equipment, and the market competition is gradually fierce. But there is still a lot of room for exploration.
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