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It should be classified according to the factors affecting t

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1. Small businesses are on the high side
As the investment scale is relatively small, the ability to absorb labor force is relatively strong, and the damage to the environment is relatively low, hot melt dispenser is favored by many local governments, preferential policies and support promote the development of the industry.
However, from the perspective of layout, dispensing enterprises are relatively scattered, which is not conducive to the daily supervision of dispensing industry. From the perspective of enterprise scale, dispensing enterprises in coastal and other developed areas are relatively large, while dispensing enterprises in inland areas are relatively small. From the perspective of enterprise structure, only a few enterprises have sufficient survival resources, while most enterprises have sufficient survival resources. But lack of survival resources, precisely because there are too many small dispensing machine enterprises with low-speed and repeated construction, many enterprises do not have their own characteristics, and the proportion of high-tech application in these dispensing machine enterprises is still very low, so the development factors of hot melt glue machine are in a slow stage.
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2. Low Labor Efficiency
The dispensing machine has the functions of increasing added value of commodities, improving product grade and increasing consumption. However, compared with developed countries, the total output value of dispensing machinery industry in China is still very low. It is true that low labor efficiency is determined by many factors. On the one hand, it depends on technological innovation and transformation of enterprises, on the other hand, it depends on personnel. The overall improvement of work quality, however, from the reality of domestic hot melt adhesive machine development factors, it needs to go through a relatively long process.
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3. Unbalanced regional development
The development factors of hot melt glue machine are mainly related to the development of regional economy, which is determined by the characteristics of the industry. It is worth noting that the unbalanced regional development of the national economy also directly leads to the unbalanced distribution of dispensing machine enterprises in China.

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