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Take you to know the working principle of spraying machine

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The working principle of spraying glue machine mainly lies in the use of automatic spraying glue machine, and the quality is also affected. According to the different types of spraying glue machine, different principles can be realized. In fact, the principle is very simple, which is mainly embodied in the control of dispensing glue and accessories. This time, the working principle of spraying glue machine will be explained.
Detailed description of automatic spraying machine
At present, the principle of automatic spraying machine is relatively simple and easy to understand, while other types of automatic spraying machine are different, but their working principle is almost the same, they can be operated in the same way, except for different accessories such as static mixing pipe or dynamic mixing pipe, double liquid dispensing valve, dispensing pressure bucket and so on. Everything may be different, and the working principle of this kind of sprayer is also different. Operating in accordance with the stipulated principles will reduce the problem of equipment failure of automatic spraying machine.
The working principle of the fully automatic spraying machine is: firstly, the mixed glue is stored in the pressure barrel of carbon steel, then the glue is extruded into a double-liquid dispensing valve by the pressure of air pressure, then the AB glue is mixed by the mixing ability of the double-liquid dispensing valve, and then the mixed glue is extruded to the double-liquid dispensing valve by the solenoid valve and flowed into the static mixing pipe. The nature of the mixing tube allows the glue to be mixed again and then sprayed. This is the principle of the automatic sprayer and a relatively simple operation process.
In order to prevent problems, it is necessary to understand the maintenance principle, which is as important as the maintenance principle. It is very helpful for the application of equipment, at least in the spraying process, there will be no problems. Other types of fully automatic spraying machines need attention to ensure normal operation, which is determined by the double liquid dispensing valve and spraying industry, rather than the type of fully automatic spraying machines.

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