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Advantages of Automatic Dispensing Equipment for LED Lamp Co

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Automatic dispensing machine is a dispensing equipment which can be devoted to led products. This equipment has been produced for a period of time. The work of high difficulty coefficient of ordinary dispensing opportunities, such as the coating of light emitting diode lamps, can not be successfully completed. After years of research and development and improvement, the automatic dispensing machine is more suitable for the coating of LED lamps. It is not only very difficult but also very suitable for the gluing of LED lamps. The coating and packaging of various white light emitting diodes have been successfully completed, and the backward situation of the packaging technology of light emitting diodes has been solved. The dispensing effect of dispensing controller is good.
Is it the choice to produce LED lights?
The working principle of automatic dispensing machine is to dispense glue by rotating linkage manipulator and R-axis. The glue coating effect of LED lamps is better by this way. The storage barrel added on Y-axis is more convenient to apply glue to the packaging of various white LED lamps. The quality of glue coating increases while the number of products produced increases. The glue coating control of configuration is also increased. The controller improves the control effect of gluing for LED lamp. It is a gluing controller compatible with the packaging technology of light emitting diode and has excellent performance. It has more remarkable control effect on the packaging technology of light emitting diode.
This automatic dispensing machine is characterized by its automatic dispensing function. The control parameters of peristaltic distribution controller make it more suitable for the practical application in product production. The completion of gluing and packaging of luminous LED lamp and white luminous LED lamp saves more manpower and material costs. This is very helpful to improve the quality and efficiency of dispensing, which is the embodiment of the development of coating and packaging technology for LED lamps driven by the needs of the times.

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