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Is it appropriate to clean the double liquid dispenser accor

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In electronics, light emitting diode photovoltaic, hardware, plastics and other industries, double liquid dispensing machine is used by more and more customers!
Many customers inquired about the cleanliness of the dispensing machine after the first use of dispensing. If this is an automatic cleaning device, the operation is relatively simple, as long as the cleaning button on the operation panel is pressed, the machine will automatically complete. If the machine does not have automatic cleaning function, how do you usually clean the double-liquid dispenser?
Cleaning method of double liquid dispensing machine
First look at the nature of the glue and then decide the strategy of cleaning the two-liquid dispenser. If the glue is a single solution and is not easy to solidify at room temperature, then after each order or filling product, the next time the glue used is the same, the cleaning problem will not be considered. If it is 401,502 or silica gel in anaerobic gel water and solidifies relatively quickly at room temperature, it should be cleaned, and unused glue should be emptied during cleaning, then organic solvents (such as diluents and industrial alcohol) are put into a two-liquid dispenser, and these organic solvents and glue are pressed together with air. The gun blew away.
For this type of machine, cleaning is very necessary, otherwise the glue in the glue valve or bucket solidification will be very troublesome, some accessories may need to be replaced, so after each use must remember to clean it! The AB mixing part of the double-liquid dispensing machine has only a mixing pipe at the outlet of the dispensing machine, so the cleaning part only has a mixing pipe and does not need to clean the other parts of the double-liquid dispensing machine.

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