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Recommendation of Special Valve Semi-automatic Dispenser

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The liquid material of the rubber valve dispenser is transported from the pressure drum to the rubber valve, and the discharge is controlled by the gas supply time of the dispensing valve.
[Technical parameters]
Power supply: 110/220 V AC + 10% 50/60 Hz
Working Pressure: 0.5-0.7 kg/cm3
Operating mode: manual mode/semi-automatic mode
Dispensing time: 0.01 seconds - 999 seconds
Repeated accuracy: 0.5%
Infusion speed: > 600 times per minute
Landing point size: 0.01 ml
Size: 260 mm * 170 mm * 90 mm
[Product Description]
Selection of glue valve dispenser can control the flow of liquid materials correctly, and there will never be waste of liquid materials. Any viscous liquid can be precisely and smoothly sprayed through semi-automatic control droplets.
The control of dispensing time is displayed in the form of digital dial, which can control dispensing quantity intuitively.
Valve dispensing machine is equipped with manual (manual) / quantitative (time) dispensing function.
It has vacuum suction function and is used to control dilution fluid.
[Scope of application]
Integrated circuit, transistor, diode, color liquid crystal display, printed circuit board and other electronic components, motors, speakers, watches, mobile phones, cameras, optical heads, optical machinery and other precision machinery
Valve dispenser can use dispensing materials
Solder Paste, Silver Paste, Ultraviolet Ray, Curing Adhesive, Lubricant, Epoxy Resin, Rapid Curing Adhesive, Silica Resin, etc.
[Product use]
Adhesion, packaging, coating, sealing, filling, point coating, linear coating, etc.

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