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Provide an information on the principle of pneumatic rubber

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According to the different ways of opening and closing, the auxiliary tools can be divided into: plunger dispensing valves, thimble dispensing valves, lifting and dispensing valves, spray dispensing valves and spray dispensing valves; different switching modes will produce different fluids. The invention adopts an upward moving glue structure to stop the glue at the same time, and the glue is instantly absorbed and cut off, which reduces the residual glue on the remaining needle, avoids the phenomenon of drip leakage and wire drawing when dispensing glue. The glue valve body adopts aluminum alloy anodizing, the sealing material is a new tetrafluoroethylene material, and the contact colloid part is corrosion-resistant. Corrosion material, the following is a brief description of the principle of the pneumatic rubber valve.
Principle of Pneumatic Rubber Valve
The glue is loaded into the pressure barrel, the compressed air enters the pressure barrel (storage barrel), and the glue is pressed into the feeding tube connected with the feeding cylinder chamber.
Reverse dispensing valve and send signal to solenoid valve to drive the piston of the valve to move downward. Glue will pass through the barrel and press out from the needle. This is a brief analysis of the principle of pneumatic valve.
Plug needle dispensing valve: move in the opposite direction of the back-suction dispensing valve and send a signal to the solenoid valve to drive the piston of the dispensing valve to move upward. After controlling the principle of the pneumatic dispensing valve, the operation makes the glue pass through the barrel and be pressed out of the needle. The amount of glue dropping is determined by three factors: the control time of the solenoid valve, the pressure of the barrel and the displacement of the piston Motion stroke (fine adjustment of dispensing valve), so it can match arbitrarily on any automatic equipment.

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