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Talking about the related knowledge of double-liquid dispens

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This time, let's talk about the knowledge of double liquid dispenser.
Compared with other types of dispensing machines, the difference is that if dispensing machines use different kinds of glue, i.e. two-component glue, we can call this dispensing machine a double-liquid dispensing machine. Compared with ordinary dispensing machines, this dispensing machine has some innovation. In the knowledge description of double-liquid dispensing machine, its specialty lies in dispensing control. It adopts more complex process form and automatic and intelligent operation mode, which provides great convenience for dispensing.
Double-liquid dispensing machine, also known as double-liquid filling machine and AB dispensing machine, is mainly composed of three-axis manipulator, AB dispensing device and touch screen. AB dispensing device is composed of rubber drum, gear pump, AB mixing motor, AB dispensing machine, automatic cleaning drum and related instruments. Special requirements (such as vacuum defoaming) also need vacuum pump and elimination. Bubble stirring motor, automatic double-liquid dispensing machine consists of two rubber drums, double-liquid dispensing valve and controller.
If the operator does not know enough about the double-liquid dispenser, it may affect the subsequent use. A and B glue are connected to the import of A and B glue respectively from the rubber drum. A and B glue enter the mixing pipe through three-way to start mixing. The mixing degree of glue is determined by the length of the static mixing pipe. The mixing mode of the static mixing pipe is static mixing. In combination, the static mixing tube consists of a series of left and right rotating blades vertically arranged in the casing. Glue A and glue B are continuously cut and overlapped into uniform mixing fluid when passing through the static mixing tube. The outlet part of the static mixing tube can be connected with needles of any caliber to ensure glue production.
The valves should be cleaned in time after each injection, otherwise the valves will be solidified and blocked by glue, and the glue will not leak when the glue is transported twice. If the glue is not cleaned, the glue will be mixed when another glue is used to fill the glue next time, which will result in a series of phenomena, such as the product glue will not dry. Dryness and quality problems, the above is the use of double liquid dispensing machine knowledge outline.

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