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Introduction of Functional Components of Double-liquid Dispe

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1. Digital dispensing controller controlled by micro-computer makes dispensing accuracy more accurate, and has automatic, quantitative and cyclic operation mode, digital button settings, LED display time, intuitive and convenient, cyclic dispensing function can realize automatic dispensing at intervals required by automatic production line.
2. Precision double-liquid dispensing valve, which is controlled by dispensing machine, can be controlled by adjusting the screw and glue pressure at the tail of double-liquid dispensing valve, adjusting the screw to rotate downward along the clock to reduce the glue volume, and adjusting the counter-clock rotation to increase the glue volume. The glue valve is an important part of the double-liquid dispensing machine.
3. The mixing mode of the static mixing pipe in the two-liquid dispensing unit is static mixing, which consists of a series of left and right rotating blades vertically arranged in the sleeve. When glue A and glue B pass through the static mixing pipe, they are cut and overlapped continuously to form a uniform mixing liquid. The outlet part of the static mixing pipe can be connected arbitrarily. The needle of caliber ensures the precision of the glue.
4. Pressure barrel is an important component of double-liquid dispensing machine. The glue will crack and will not solidify for a long time. By adjusting the pressure of two pressure barrels, the glue yield can be easily adjusted between 1:1 and 3:1.

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