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Different types of sensors also need to be coated with AB gl

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Under normal circumstances, small sensors can be sealed by using a single component fluid dispensing machine. The application of double component dispensing equipment has better sealing effect. This shows the advantages of AB glue coating on sensors.
Sensor Coating Adhesive
Why do large sensors prefer to use AB glue dispenser? Because large sensors need a lot of glue and mixed two-fluid glue to cooperate with the dispensing seal, the dispensing valve of dispensing machine has higher requirements, and there are certain requirements for air pressure control technology. The manufacturers of dispensing machine equipment believe that, especially for dispensing valve, two-component dispensing valve must be used to realize the mixing and dispensing of glue. This is also in line with the actual application of AB glue on sensor, which can prevent the blockage, solidification and uneven mixing of glue in dispensing machine equipment to a certain extent.
Sensor filling glue
Large sensor and small sensor need two different dispensing machines for glue coating. Sealing dispensing machine and two-component dispensing machine need mature manufacturing experience. The dispensing valve and air pressure control technology also need high requirements. High configuration can achieve high standards in all aspects of distribution of AB glue seals. Complex electronic equipment needs high-precision dispensing machine to produce high-quality products, and the effect of AB glue coating on sensors also meets the quality requirements.

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