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Introduction to the characteristics of loudspeaker dispenser

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The characteristics of loudspeaker dispensing machine are the same as those of ordinary dispensing equipment. They are in fact high-speed automatic dispensing machines. However, this dispensing equipment is a professional application product in one of the industries. Therefore, they are more suitable for speaker path dispensing. The automatic dispensing equipment applies fluid points on the surface or inside of products. The difference between the speaker dispenser and the ordinary dispenser is that there are some limitations in their use, such as the structural properties of loudspeakers, what are the main characteristics of the speaker dispenser? According to the analysis, there are the following points:
221 loudspeaker glue dispensing machine
1. Specially used for dispensing and coating of circular products, there are two types at present: single-liquid dispensing machine and double-liquid dispensing machine.
2. Inside is equipped with motor drive, so it can rotate at constant speed and efficiently. High precision and stability belong to the characteristics of loudspeaker dispenser.
3. There is a stable rubber tapping system in the interior to make the rubber tapping more uniform.
Round coating dispenser
4. Equipped with an X-Y-Z (front, back, left and right, up and down) adjusting device, it is easy to adjust position and dispensing is more accurate and efficient.
5. It has the function of setting dispensing delay time and dispensing delay time to avoid wire drawing effectively.
6. According to the characteristics of loudspeaker dispenser, it can be divided into two types: single liquid or double liquid.
7. The Y-axis adopts a double-rod slider cylinder.
8. The input voltage is AC220V, and the internal and motor operating voltage is DC24V.
9. It is one of the characteristics of loudspeaker dispenser that it adopts precise micro stepping motor and high-speed and stable operation coating.

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