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Understanding the importance of dispensing machine travel

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This paper mainly talks about the importance of travel and speed of ordinary dispensing machine.
Automatic glue dispensing machine
With the development of science and technology, dispensing machine has developed into a highly flexible equipment, which can adapt to the production of a variety of products. Current technology has overcome many shortcomings of the past, including high procurement cost, difficult installation, high maintenance cost, large equipment, complex structure, complex operation and other issues, while technology. The progress of technology makes the dispensing machine's journey diversified gradually.
Continuous optimization of dispensing technology can bring more benefits and benefits to enterprises. It is an ideal choice for enterprises to improve production process and efficiency. At present, automatic dispensing machine plays an important role in food, daily chemicals, medicine and other fields. However, as an enterprise consumer, before purchasing dispensing machine, it must be based on equipment. This parameter has a general understanding, and dispenser travel is the first lesson to be learned.
221 stroke controlled coating dispensing machine
Many dispensers can travel at a maximum speed of 400 mm/s under no-load conditions, which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, this is only a theoretical value, which may not meet this requirement in practice. As a consumer, you want to know and not be deceived by some salesmen, because it must be tested in actual use. Considering product technology, glue type, dispensing path and so on, the dispensing machine journey needs to be re-selected.
Fully automatic control glue dispensing machine
When the automatic dispensing machine is put into production and use, the running speed is mostly between 80mm/s and 100mm/s. When the glue viscosity is low, the dispensing path is relatively simple and fast. The high glue viscosity represents the complex and relatively slow dispensing path, while the low glue viscosity requires too low efficiency of dispensing and will dispense too much glue. The high water viscosity makes the coating too fast and difficult to spot completely. The uneven coating is affected by the travel of dispensing machine to a certain extent.

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