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Advantages of dispensing control system

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The automatic dispensing machine mainly consists of three core structures: executive mechanism, driving mechanism and control system. The driving mechanism is mainly responsible for dispensing operation. The driving mechanism can help users achieve more precise and high-quality dispensing effect. The realization of these functions depends on the scientific and reasonable control system. What are the advantages of the control system OVOR?
331 glue dispenser
1. Scalability
The automatic dispensing machine has many expanding characteristics, such as multi-head control, multi-output control, blow-pull, production line control, step-by-step processing control, and the control system has very high scalability and operability, so the advantages of dispensing control system are wide applicability.
2. Effective solutions
Fully automatic dispensing control system includes controller, adapter board, hand-held teaching box, computer aided design conversion software, off-line control system and other optional accessories. It can support processing mode, teaching mode and computer aided design mode and other processing or programming modes for better control. This can provide a variety of solutions for the advantages of dispensing control system.
LED dispensing machine
3. Fast and accurate system control
The dispensing control system has the advantages of instantaneity and quick sensitivity, fast processing of graphics, such as points, lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, etc., and high accuracy and convenience. Control speed and glue output, set platform range, speed, load and other characteristics. In addition, the teaching box provides advanced functions, such as variable direction array control, file copy control and multi-graphics connection control.
Dual-station glue dispensing machine
All automatic dispensing machines have a fully functional and technologically advanced control system. It is a dispensing equipment with high degree of automation, which can meet the high-difficulty dispensing requirements in a variety of industrial production. In addition, dispensing is fast and stable, which effectively speeds up the production efficiency of enterprises and improves the product qualification rate.

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